I am Hossein Hosseini Giv, assistant professor of mathematics at the University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, Iran. I was born in Mashhad, Iran, on Decempber 1, 1983. I earned my Ph.D. in Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran, under the direction of Professor Mehdi Radjabalipour and Dr. Ataollah Askari-Hemmat. My Ph.D. thesis was named "Algebraic Frames and Directional Short-Time Fourier Transform". I am interested in the theory of Banach spaces, Fourier analysis, wavelet theory, mathematical logic, set theory and the foundations of mathematics. I also enjoy teaching mathematics and writing expository articles about math. 

Announcement of My Book

Recently I wrote a book on undergraduate mathematical analysis (analysis for short) for the American Mathematical Society's AMS Pure and Applied Undergraduate Texts Series. This is entitled "Mathematical Analysis and Its Inherent Nature". The book aims to present the foundational concepts and results of analysis via an approach that emphasizes on the essence of this field of study.  More precisely, the book divides its material into two parts based on what they have to do to calculus. It is discussed that analysis aims to strengthen calculus by completing some of its arguments theoretically and by generalizing some of its aspects to wider frameworks. See this page for more details.

A word to undergraduate 

mathematics majors

Dear students! 

Congratulations on your choice and your new learning step! By choosing mathematics as your academic field of study‎, ‎you've chosen to become a mathematician‎, ‎and this is what you will soon find as your greatest honor‎. ‎This is because‎, ‎mathematics is an outgrowth of the achievements of‎  ‎numerous brilliant thinkers‎, ‎from those of the earliest days of mathematics history‎, ‎to the contemporary ones‎. ‎And this‎, ‎in turn‎, ‎makes mathematics into the deepest result of human thought‎. ‎So‎, ‎by choosing to study mathematics‎, ‎you will learn some of the greatest mental achievements of the mankind‎, ‎and if you have the opportunity to create new and significant mathematical theories‎, ‎you will join the mathematics history as an influental mathematician‎. ‎For this reason‎, ‎I think anyone who loves mathematics‎, ‎and is willing to persue it professionaly‎, ‎should be proud of himself‎.

‎There is only one difficulty in this way‎: ‎Great achievements need great minds and efforts to be mastered‎, ‎and the creation of great theories requires more greater minds and efforts‎. ‎Thus‎, ‎it is not easy to come to grips with mathematics‎. ‎Mathematics resembles an ocean whose valuable treasures lie at its deepest zones‎, ‎and to discover them‎, ‎one must dive in the ocean and explore its depth‎. I hope for you to enjoy diving in the depth of mathematics ocean!‎

Here, you can download a short story which describes the essence of analysis in PDF format.