In Loving Memory of my Dear Father

The Late Abootaleb Hosseini Giv 

I will never forget what you dreamed for me: '' I hope for you, my son, to become a mathematician". You hoped so because of something else, but I believe the reason was that you were a potential mathematician: Although you were specialized in theology, your strength in elementary mathematics like trigonometry was amazing. This is more surprising to me when I notice that, you could memorize the issues four decades after you first learned them! I was not, however, so satisfied with such a dream; I had no initial interest in mathematics, and in those days, I was fascinated with physics, instead. Nevertheless, it seems that your prayer finally threw me into the unbounded ocean of mathematics.

It is now more than eight years since I lost you, dear father, and I still vividly remember your bright eyes when saying "My son will become a mathematician". It is impossible to forget the days I was studying mathematical analysis in front of you, and you were struggling death in hospital. You entered me into the realm of mathematics, and the discipline inspired my interest in itself. And now that I study mathematics, I can understand physics much better. I think the interest in mathematics is your worthiest legacy for me. I really appreciate this legacy and want to thank you for anything good you taught me.